Generali Munich Marathon 2018 – join Bodhi Vihara team for run of harmony

Join our team & run for harmony!

Dear friends of Buddhism & sports:

Bodhi Vihara is about to form a Marathon Relay Team under the motto „Run for Harmony“ in order to participate in the Generali München Marathon 2018

We want to promote the idea of a harmonious society and the awareness that we can contribute to our environment through wholesome actions. Do join us this autumn!

Date: 14 Oct 2018, Sunday
Time: 10 am
Team Relay: Runner 1 – 6.8km, Runner 2 – 14.5km, Runner 3 – 10.8km, Runner 4 – 10.1km
Costs: Registration Fee (Euro 40/person) + Team Accessories (Euro 30-40/person)

Alternatively, you may join any of the other categories under Bodhi Vihara’s banner!

We will offer running workshops ahead of the event so that all of us will be well prepared!

If you got any questions or have already decided to participate, send us an email at


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