Visit of Ven. Jinho from Dharma Drum Mountain (29.3.-31.3.2017)

Cordially welcoming Ven. Sister Jinho, Buddhist Chaplain at Bristol University, visit Bodhi Vihara from 29.3.-31.3. 歡迎台灣法鼓山常純法師來訪三天. The Venerable Sister will deliver a Dhamma talk on the 30th (Thur) starting at 19:00. Topic: „How to live the Buddhist way? – The six perfections (六波羅蜜) as a framework for daily Buddhist practice.“ Please join us for an interesting Dhamma talk followed by the opportunity for questions and answers.

Venerable Jinho 釋淨厚 took ordination in the Chinese Chan (Zen) tradition with Master Sheng Yen 聖嚴法師 in 2000, training intensively in the Dharma Drum Mountain Monastery 法鼓山 in Taiwan 台灣 for six years. Meanwhile, she studied at the Dharma Drum Buddhist University for four years, majoring in Buddhist doctrines, Vinaya (Buddhist precepts) and Chan practice. She arrived in England in 2007 and wrote a dissertation on Buddhist monasticism in Britain with the University of Bristol. Lately she has been teaching Buddhism in Ireland at the Irish Sangha Council and the Sunyata Center as well as in her home country Taiwan. She serves as Buddhist Chaplain at Bristol University in the UK.

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