Appeal to support the first ever ordination in Uganda – Unterstützungsgesuch für die allererste Mönchsordination in Uganda

Uganda Ordination

We are humbly appealing for your financial support towards Venerable Thitadhammo’s trip to witness the first ever bhikkhu ordination ceremony and help to sponsor this important event for Buddhism in Uganda, Africa.

From the 24th till the 29th of June we will be hosting a group of six Sri Lankan monks, one German monk, one Mexican monk, one Bangladesh monk, and one Burmese monk that is visiting the Uganda Buddhist Centre. Two of the monks are elderly and senior disciples of Ven. Ariyadhamma of Na Uyana Monastery in Sri Lanka. They will be with us on the occasion of opening of boundaries (sima) followed by ordination of two Ugandan monks, full-night chanting, the ground-breaking ceremony of the proposed Africa Buddhist College (ABC) and launching online Buddhist courses on Buddhist Counseling Psychology and Ecology.  On 25th June, we will be having the first Higher Ordination (upasampada). Two Ugandans will be accepted into the bhikkhu Sangha as a fully ordained monk on that day.

This is a very auspicious occasion, our first Higher Ordination (upasampada) to take place in Uganda, and all are welcome to witness this historic event.

We will appreciate if you could kindly and generously contribute towards the upkeep of Uganda Buddhist Centre, monastics, conference expenses, and construction of the proposed College.

Ven. Bhikkhu Buddharakkhita

founder and abbot of Uganda Buddhist Center

spiritual advisor of Bodhi Vihara Buddhist Monastery




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