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Buddhasasana Zeitschrift Summer 2013

The summer edition 2556 (2556) is ready for download.

Articles in German, English and Chinese by authors from Asia (Malaysia, Singapore), Europe (Germany) and America (US)

Among the articles of this summer edition of Buddhasasana you can find the horizon widening “Buddhism in Malaysia” and the eye opening article “Mindfulness is not sati?”

Our first article in Chinese “正大光明 Righteous heart” is a contribution from Singapore, the renowned city state with a rich Dhamma culture. The German language highlights of this edition are “Married to a Buddhist (from Taiwan) – Verheiratet mit einer Buddhistin” and “Dealing with praise and blame – Umgang mit Lob und Tadel”.

Link: http://www.dhamma.de/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Buddhasasana-Sommer-2013-2556.pdf

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